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Hodge Pressure Services Ltd. has a new modern fleet with integrated technology and carries out a stringent maintenance program with annual certification of all tanks and hoses. This means safety and integrity remain the highest, and performance in the field is efficient and trustworthy.   

1 tonne pressure trucks

Stainless Steel 406 and Steel 407 sour sealed 4m3 tanks

2 compartment (2m3 Front 2m3 Rear)

Able to haul acid in stainless to PH 4

Legal to haul 4200KG

Triplex pumps rated up to 6000psi (6K) with a flowrate as low as 3-5 L/min and max of 100L/min

2” Tn’E product pump for loading and offloading

Data Acquisition (Data Logging) – our modern fleet of truck have the capability of accurately recording pressure digitally from inside the cab. This eliminates the need for bulky unreliable recorders. Upon job completion test results will be emailed to customer

10,000 psi 1 tonne pressure trucks

Stainless Steeel 407 sour sealed 4m3 2 compartment (2m3 Front 2m3 Rear) Tank

Legal to haul 4000KG

Triplex pumps rated up to 10,000psi (10k) 46L/min up to 2,000psi. 38L/min up to 10,000psi

Data Acquisition up to 10K

5 tonne single axle pressure trucks

406 spec, stainless steel. 3 compartments (2m3 each) & 2 compartment (3m3 each).

Legal haul to 4500 KG

5800psi triplex pump. Feed rate up to 180L per minute

Floater tires available

6K Tri-axle hot oiler

Steel 406 8m3 3 compartment tank

4 coil - 6.5 million BTU

130 ft 1" Pressure hose, 100 ft 1-1/4" hard line pipe

Fittings include: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2", 2-3/8", 2-7/8"

Fluid acceptable to heat include; diesel oil, condensate, produced/fresh/KCL water

flat deck tote or drum truck

12' Wooden outfitted with rails and placards

Can haul 4 One-way Totes (4 x 1m3) in a single delivery

Alternatively, can haul 16 drums in a single delivery

2" Roper pump

75' Auto Hose w/1.5" Hose

Can Legally Haul up to 6000kg

steam trucks

Peterbilt Single Axle, 24Ft in enclosed van style

1,000,000 BTU Burner

Wet and dry steam (2 wand application)

Pressure Washing

Foaming Gun

Soap and Degreaser

Crawler nozzles and culvert rods. Truck has all applications for culverts, pipe, sewer lines etc.

Holds 2.5m3 of fresh water

Swampers Available


Steamer / Vac Units

Holds 2m3 fresh water tank/3.5m3 debris tank

750,000 BTU Hotsy Burner

Hibon 810 Vacuum

Soap & Degreaser

Crawler nozzles and culvert rods

Truck has all applications for culverts, pipe, sewer lines etc.


Tandem trailer with ATV flotation tires pulled behind Side by Side 1000cc Can-Am Defender

2 loaf tanks, 400L each. 800L total

Honda engine to power Cat triplex pump. 30-40LMIN up to 3000PSI

50FT - 3/8" pressure hose

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